Happy new year

Happy new year

Kevin McDonald, President

It is my pleasure to welcome JCI Illawarra Members, Partners and Supporters to 2017!

As Local President for 2017, my greatest hope is that I can help all of you better understand and find greater value in the JCI Illawarra offering, built upon the JCI Mission:

To provide development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change.

As a Financial Adviser, my role is essentially to identify where a family is at, understand what they want to achieve, and then help them follow the right path forwards. It is with this approach and my corny JCI Illawarra Motto for 2017 ‘Lead the CIA’ (Connect – Inspire – Achieve) that I take on the JCII 2017 Presidency.

Led by our passionate, experienced and industrious 2016 Local President, Sarah Lisle, last year we completed significant work behind the scenes to understand exactly where we are at. As such our 2017 Board is positioned to deliver an outstanding year.

In 2016, we undertook a survey of our members in addition to holding many conversations with our major stakeholders. Our planning for 2017 and beyond has taken all of this into account so we know just what our members, partners and supporters want to achieve.

You requested a better understanding of the JCII offering and what’s coming up, opportunities to engage with the Illawarra Community in a meaningful way, opportunities to participate in fundraising events with other JCII members, and opportunities to build a strong professional network. Our online presence will focus on making the JCII Offering in 2017 even clearer (see below).

I am proud to lead the calibre of young professionals that make up our 2017 Board, and believe we have the right people to follow the right path towards achieving an amazing year for all who engage with us in 2017. Below you will find key dates for the first quarter, bios on each of our 2017 Board members and acknowledgement of our wonderful Partners and Supporters.

Just as we have been so fortunate to have had JCI Illawarra strengthened throughout 2016, so I wish to deliver a stronger chapter for 2018 and beyond.

JCI exists to help build the leaders of tomorrow and create real impact in our communities. I can’t wait to work with each of you to ensure we’re all making the most of the JCII offering in 2017 and beyond.

To all our members, partners and supporters I encourage you to let me know how you want to engage with JCII in 2017 so we can succeed together. Please get in touch with me via president@jciillawarra.org and let’s make 2017 a year of greater interaction, engagement and impact.

Yours faithfully,
Kevin McDonald

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