YB12 – Total Focus

Kevin McDonald, Vice President

‘Everyone knows how to excel.’ Dr Neryl East’s opening point became apparent with seminar attendees quick to volunteer the qualities a person needs to excel.

Many of us know the qualities, habits and steps required to excel but who actually follows through on cultivating and living these? What describes the bridge between those who do so and those who do nothing productive with this knowledge? Those who excel are those who take action by overcoming the urge to procrastinate. That’s all well and good but what can we as individuals, dreaming of success, do to overcome procrastination and no longer be just….dreamers?

Last Wednesday night I was lucky enough to be invited along to a seminar presented by JCI Illawarra MentorMe 2016 mentor Dr Neryl East as she introduced Wollongong to the YB12 (Your Best 12 Months) – Total Focus program, a program she will be delivering over the course of two nights, the 14th and 21st of September from 7pm-10pm at City Beach.

Dr East’s seminar addressed the key problem of overcoming procrastination by providing insights into why we procrastinate, the Failure Cycle, and finally how we might overcome the forces we set against ourselves. Dr East delivered the content with charisma, weaving in personal anecdotes along the way, and fully engaged her audience, adding value to all who attended.

A key theme to the seminar was that while knowledge is power, we must act to excel.

The failure cycle, Dr East explained, begins with the ‘excitement’ step of moving towards a goal we have set ourselves. As we lose momentum for whatever reason the next step is ‘avoidance’ which can then be quickly followed by the steps of ‘making excuses’ and ‘blaming’. Dr East was quick to highlight that when we point the finger of blame at someone/something that there are 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves (go on, try it, I quite liked being introduced to this concept!).

To help sustain progress and stay excited about our goals Dr East provided these key take outs;

–        Goals will only excite us if they are ours and aren’t entirely selfish. The emotional connection to what we desire is vital to keeping us looking and moving forward.

–        Breaking down goals first into key steps and then also into micro-steps that can be practically actioned, will encourage progress and deter procrastination.

–        Visualising the achievement of your success in the most detailed style possible is valuable. This technique is not just for athletes. Energise yourself by ‘feeling your future achievement’ and keep your goals front of mind to avoid missing opportunities.

–        Be clear in visualising your goal to prevent the distraction of ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.

–        Research shows we have 40,000-60,000 thoughts per day and it is believed that on average 90% of these are engaged in thinking about our past. Our thoughts are powerful and we need to be mindful to take control of the internal script we constantly replay to ourselves. Our future success, or lack thereof, can be to a degree predicted by looking at our patterns over the last 5 years. If these habits and behaviours aren’t the ones that will take you towards your goal then it is up to you to take control and rewrite your mental script

Over the course of an hour Dr East delivered energising content that I look forward to applying to the pursuit of my own goals (such as starting to blog my own JCI and personal development journey!). I couldn’t however begin to cover all the value provided just in this 1 hour introduction. For further information on the YB 12 – Total Focus program I encourage you to get in contact with Neryl at info@neryleast.com.

Attending events like this are one of the great opportunities provided through the connections I have gained through active involvement in JCI Illawarra. JCI is as they say, whatever you make it. While Dr East started the seminar with ‘Everyone knows how to excel’ and indeed didn’t deliver ‘world first-exclusive’ content, the seminar and the YB 12 – Total Focus program is designed to provide key tools to refocus and energise us to implement the habits that will allow us to excel, to be better.

What’s your ‘man on the moon’ vision that will get you out of bed each day and excel? Feel free to email me, I love to hear about the passion of others, perhaps there is something we can achieve together?

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